Business just like many other areas has been, over time attracting people of different groups that once for many different reasons weren’t a part of it, or at the most had a small role.

The old idea used to be that in order to start a business, one should have to make business be all their life was about, ignoring family and kids. Today however, this idea is becoming more and more outdated as time goes by. Now anyone can start a business with little time and little money, regardless of background, as long as you have the right idea. And the right idea is more important now than ever, since , there are more and more people looking for great ideas to invest at.

There is a world of opportunities you can take on to build a business around, even if your time is limited and you can only do it from home.



At Home Business Ideas For Women

The ideas below are both low cost to start, and are meant to take no more than a few hours every week and a computer in order to be able to work.



1. Cooking channel

YouTube is an amazing place for anyone who has something to teach to reach its audience. With the growing number of internet users and the number of people taking the internet as the first source of information to go to, when they want to learn about something, platforms such as YouTube can be easily seen as a gold mine for business. One of the things that became more popular with the growth of YouTube, are channels built around tutorials about specific topics. One example of a topic is cooking.

With YouTube one can learn through osmosis, what not even the most well written recipes can describe. If cooking is one of your strong points and you’re not afraid of public speaking, then starting a YouTube channel about your recipes could be a good idea. Even if you’re afraid of the cameras, with time you’ll get over it, as long as you develop valuable content. And value is the name of the game.

The beauty of YouTube is that once you build a solid audience, you can easily create new streams of income through the famous ads we see when we watch a video, and by promoting either your or other people’s products in the channel. Notice that once you get a strong audience, you need to make sure that the products you promote are relevant to your visitors. There is simply no point in promoting an underwear in a cooking channel.






2. Hair tutorials

Another growing niche on YouTube is the niche about hair styling. Just like with cooking, and probably more so, more and more people seek for help on hair styling from YouTube. The fact that there are dozens if not hundreds of hair styles for each kind of taste, makes this niche a very good bet, since you can easily find a following that identifies specifically with the kind of hair styling you’re good at.

Just like with cooking, for this niche, you need to have some skills with hair styling to be able to get into in the first place. The reason for this is that you’ll need lots and lots of content if you are to make your YouTube channel popular enough to be profitable. One or two videos will not be enough.

3. Relationship advice

Relationship advice unlike the first two tips, has been around for a very long time. The difference is that now it’s more and more common to see women getting into the area. If you think you have enough experience with relationships, and you think it would be of value to someone else, then starting a relationship channel could be a good idea.

The beauty of this kind of channel is that it’s all a matter of opinion, and lots of people look for related information on a daily basis. If what you teach is good, you can quickly build a following in a pace even greater than that of the two suggestions above, since there is always someone who’s looking for tips on how to be more attractive, or to deal with a current relationship.




4. Health

Just like the suggestions above ,Health is also one of those niches that both have loots of people looking for advice, and the ease with which you can build a following. For topics such as relationships, fashion, and health, it’s not enough for the viewers to watch one video. The moment they like your content, they become emotionally invested to it.

I’ve noticed that with myself, and you probably did too, assuming you’re a fan of YouTube, that sometimes one video is enough for you to subscribe .After that it’s all a matter of keep publishing high value content frequently and feeding the curiosity of your subscribers.


How to start a YouTube channel?

To start a YouTube channel you need no more than a google account and a few minutes of free time. Below is a link from google, on how to create a YouTube channel, but Keep in mind that it might take some time for your channel to grow in popularity. So, for this one my advice is to remain consistent with your posts, and promote it on the social media.

With YouTube you can afford to start with pretty much any recording equipment, but as time goes by, it’s a good idea to invest on better quality to attract more views.

We don’t like to admit it, but image quality and audio, carries some weight on our decision to subscribe in a YouTube channel or not.


How to create a website?

YouTube is not the only platform you can use to distribute your content. You can also build a website. Unless you have some form of computing science background, there is a chance that you have no idea of how to do it and you probably think you’re not skilled enough for it. If it were a few years ago, you’d probably have to stick to creating a YouTube channel, since in order to build a website one needed either programming knowledge or money to pay programmers. Today, there is an array of tools that can help you build a brand new website free and with only a few clicks. One of those tools is the one below.


Read more here: How to build a free business website.



The tips above are not the only niche ideas you can explore. In the end of the day, on the content business, what matters more than anything else is the extent to which you are passionate about your niche. If talking/writing about health is not your thing, then you shouldn’t do it just because other people are doing it. Do what feels right to you and you’ll go a long way 🙂 .






It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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