A few thoughts on defeat

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1.On the road to success bumps and slips are not just a possibility but a certainty. Keep in mind that each trip and fall will feel like the end of the world. The road will mercilessly smack you in the face. A statement of how foolish you have been for even trying. You will taste your own blood and tears, and the worst of it is that you will have to be your own nurse and therapist. Patching away your wounds and sorrows. Self-doubt will be your travel companion, whispering negativity along the way while urging you to turn back around at every step. Just remember these are nothing but ghosts. The kind that walks day and night feeding off the uncertainty that comes from chasing a dream. And just like ghosts, they have no real power over you. Each step forward is and will forever be yours to take. Each step forward will make them fade away just like the night does into the day.

2.It’s from within the dark hole of defeat that you discover your true self. The decision to stand up and try again is the most important of all, as it’s from failure to failure that you build an image of perseverance or withdrawal. It’s much easier to keep a reputation than to forge a new one regardless of whether this reputation is personal or worldwide. So think twice before throwing the towel, because quitting is never an isolated event.

3.Defeat is a monster only beat through a long-life commitment to relentlessness. Remember that when you quit on a goal or a dream you lose a part of yourself. A part you will forever mourn. Each time you get back at it is never a waste, even when it doesn’t result in success. At the end of a lifetime, the fact that you’ve always tried is an accomplishment in itself. An accomplishment no money in the world can ever pay for.

4.At the end of the day, the pain of defeat is nothing but energy. You’re ultimately who decides where that energy goes to. The same energy that fuels the voices that tell you to quit, can be channeled into the same voices that beg you to keep going as both exist in parallel. It’s just that sometimes some voices are louder than others, but they are always there….waiting to be heard… if only you try hard enough to listen.

5.The only lie worth telling is that an impossible dream can be achieved, as what’s truly possible is often tainted by the glasses of defeat. Sometimes a new perspective is all you need to keep going even when fabricated by a mind desperate for success. So tell yourself whatever you need to get out of the hole, as life has a way of surprising us with our dreams when we pace ourselves in the marathon of success for long enough.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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