A few thoughts on confidence

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1.True confidence is a door only unlocked by two keys: value and self-improvement. The more you work on earning it the better you become as a person, and before you notice it, confidence stops being the goal. And that’s when it becomes fully manifested. First inwardly through the stillness that comes when you’re instinctively certain of yourself, and next when the behavior you needed to fake begins to show effortlessly.

2.Confidence created by positive self-talk alone never lasts, in the same way that attempting to treat an illness by only treating the symptoms doesn’t work. Sure you will feel good in the short term, but as time goes the effect wears off, and before you notice it, you’re back to where you started, still looking for the next fix. Still not sure why you feel unsure.

3.It’s not enough to look outwardly confident as if the same feeling doesn’t exist behind closed doors, the internal weakness eventually begins to leak behind the mask you fight so hard to keep on for the public.

4.When you have a solid reason to feel confident, there is no need to talk about it. The reason speaks for itself. You don’t need to be reassured by friends or fans anymore. I a way, your reason for confidence is your greatest cheerleader, working 24/7 to remind you of your greatness.

5.The very attempt to fake confidence is by definition an expression of its lack.

(Bonus) True confidence is born out of skill, and skill in whatever form it may show itself can always be worked on. It can always be improved. Confidence is a by-product of one’s accomplishments whether inside or out. So why fake it when you can have the real deal? Why fake it when you can live it?

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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