5 Reflections on social interactions

1. Never expect anything from anyone regardless of relationship status. To be free is to rely on you and only you. Expectations are bound to be broken especially when humans are involved.

2.The lesser you need people to be happy, the more you get to enjoy each relationship since each moment is free from the anxiety that comes from the need to be liked and approved.

3.When you gift give truly without expectations. The gifting is much more pleasant, and much less anxiety-provoking for the receiver. When you do that you make yourself immune to the feeling of loss that comes when you eventually realize that, that particular gifting was and will forever be one-sided; Plus you also give yourself the chance to be truly and pleasantly surprised when the gesture is returned.

4.Conflicts and arguments always sound and feel one-sided. Meaning that both sides always feel like their version of reality is the correct one. Their words are an accurate description of what happened and the other person either doesn’t want to see things correctly or just don’t know they’re wrong. The problem is that more often than not both sides are right and wrong, just in the same way that quantum particles are known for being in multiple states at the same time.

5.Some people will like you, some will hate you, some will feel neutral about you no matter what you do, and that’s life. Confidence is not attempting to make all people like you. That’s insecurity. Confidence is being ok with the way things are without feeling more or less of a person because of it.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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