5 Reflections on motivation

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(1) Motivation is the worst teammate anyone could ever ask for. It shows up at the beginning of all journeys, right at the moment the team is deep inside their bath of delusion and hope, and leaves at the first sign of struggle.

(2) Life is a library of lessons and one of them is that to rely on motivation to get anything done is to rely on the dog “not to eat your homework”. You know deep down it won’t end well but it doesn’t matter anyway. Only you know the true reasons behind your actions.

(3) Motivation is that friend who shows up before the true beginning of the journey, the one who leaves when things get tough, and the same who comes back just after you’ve crossed the finish line.

(4) Motivation is a temperamental lover. Much like the weather, tomorrow’s forecast should be based on today’s results but it isn’t. Tomorrow could be completely different from today, and just as easily be exactly the same.

(5) The most reliable way to be and stay motivated is by having results. This is why smaller goals are better than big goals. You get through them quicker, accomplish them more easily while giving yourself the feeling of having something done along the way.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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