5 Reflections on freedom

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(1) Like beauty freedom too is in the eye of the beholder. The human mind is complicated like that. So complicated as to make possible the existence of billionaires imprisoned by their wealth even as they bathe in a sea of freedom, as well as struggling artists who claim freedom of mind even as they’re imprisoned by their lack of means.

(2) The desire for freedom is a virus dormant within all of us. Harmless until we’re made awake to its existence, after which there is no way back. We start by freeing ourselves from the most immediate oppressor only to realize that whatever bigger chains after that can no longer hold the mind that has tasted its first drop of freedom.

(3) Freedom and fulfillment go hand in hand. One can have everything and not feel free when life lacks fulfillment. One can have nothing but fulfillment and the feeling of freedom is guaranteed. Freedom is not a physical experience but a mental one.

(4) We live in an evolutionary world of the survival of the fittest where freedom is both a commodity and an inconvenience. One has to protect its freedom with teeth and nails or mother nature will take it.

(5) One’s freedom is often in conflict with the rest of the world. We all have the right to do as we wish, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s ability to do the same. In away freedom is like a giant pie available to everyone. There is a limited share of it to an infinite number of us. Not an infinite share to a few of us.

(Bonus) The best way to enjoy and have access to one’s sense of freedom is by sharing with and allowing others to enjoy theirs. Freedom acquired at the base of oppression quickly fades as the time is lost trying to keep yours by keeping others away from theirs, and time spent is the ultimate expression of freedom.

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