5 Reflections on ambition

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The stairs of ambition

(1) An ambitious life can take many different forms. We are accustomed to thinking that being ambitious is equated to starting a business and buying a mansion after a few years of hard work. Ambition is about going beyond what you think is possible, even when the subject is not business. One can be ambitious about having a great family or raising amazing kids. One can be ambitious about growing the most colorful flower they can grow, and this is no less ambitious than anything else.

(2) Ambition by itself doesn’t make a person special. You can dream or claim to dream about being the richest person on the planet and think it means something when it doesn’t. Big dreams or claims of ambition only matter when followed by action and results.

(3) The world remembers those who have turned their ambition into life and world-changing results. Not those who prided themselves for being big dreamers. The ability to dream is not a gift given to a handful of us. The ability to dream is a program installed on every human being at birth.

(4) Ambition is a fire that gets lit when the mind begins to divorce itself from its own self-limiting beliefs and gets extinguished when self-doubt becomes one’s default mode of operation.

(5) With ambition comes a natural feeling of optimism. The world is your jungle and the possibilities are endless. You know you can do and have more than you do because you know in your gut that you can become more than you are.

(Bonus) The first step to becoming a more ambitious person is to develop a growth mindset. The more you grow the more you can do, and the more you can do the bigger the dreams. You dream bigger because you know it takes only you to make it happen. Not a miracle.

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