3 Great Habits for success in life and Business

In this post you’ll learn about 3 great habits the successful have that you should also implement to your life and business.


Good habits are probably the one thing which once you implement to your life have the power to make you more productive and successful. The reason for this is that good habits are not only about doing the right thing regularly, but also about the ease with which one gets to do just that. We are all aware of what “the right thing” means depending on the context. The problem is not so much in knowing what to do, but more about having the motivation to do it over and over again, and funny enough, having a concrete idea of what that thing is may be the first step towards doing it regularly.



3 Great Habits for success in life and business

What makes the successful people successful, vary from context to context. In some cases for example, it pays more to know how to be a team player, where you combine the strengths of your teammates with yours for the greater good of the team. In other occasions on the other hand, it may be more fruitful to be a lone player, who is able to think independently, while trying to become good at what the competition isn’t. What makes successful people successful varies, but just like many things in life, there is always a common ground to search for. Below are 3 of the great habits for success in life and business.

1. Planing

At the core of any successful enterprise lies planing. The ability to design our actions according to the goal we’re trying to achieve is important for the fact that it allows for prioritizing and embedded in planning, specially the one of the good kind, is prioritizing. When we plan we tend to set the most important things to be done first, and this is probably the most important part of it. One book that targets this part of planning is the book The one thing by Garry Keller, which focuses on the idea that in order to be an effective planner, one has to be able to distinguish the most important things from the least important ones. As he said on one passage “not all things matter equally!”, which means that as much as we might think that all things on our To-Do list are crucial for the success of our actions, there is only one thing which matters more to the achievement of your goal than the rest.

By planning, specially with “the one thing” in mind, you get to structure your day in the most successful manner possible. A not planned day tends to be messy in terms of the actions you take to achieve the big picture goal, since the first action that comes to mind is the one you act upon, and rare are the cases in which the first thing you think about is “the one thing”.


2. Waking up early

Another important aspect of productivity and goal achievement has a lot to do with how early one starts the day. The math here is simple, the earlier you wake up greater will be the time you have available each day to do the things you have to do to achieve your goals. The basketball super start Kobe Bryant mentioned on one interview the fact that he started training earlier on the day, accumulated over a few years, got him to become as good at his craft as he got to become. As he said:” as the years go on, the separation that you have with your competitors and your peers, just grows larger, and larger, and larger, and larger, and larger, and by year 5 or 6, it doesn’t matter what kind of work they are doing in the summer, they are never going to catch up, because they are 5 years behind. So it makes sense to get up and start your day early because you can get more work done.”

The truth about waking up early is that one doesn’t have to wake up very early to be successful. The right time to wake up greatly depends on each case. If you’re in a competitive industry like day trading for example, where the need to be up early might be greater, waking up late is one of those things that you should avoid if you’re planning to become successful. On other industries such as music, the need to carefully watch the time you wake up might not be so pressing, specially when you’re already successful. The point is that you should pay attention to how waking up early, as opposed to late, effects on your daily productivity as well as the overall progress towards your goal. As the author of the 67 steps course Tai Lopez often answers when faced with similar questions : “It’s not black and white”. If waking up early really makes the difference for your productivity, then wake up early!


3. Reading

Reading is probably the one thing that more than anything else changed my life. The big problem with us humans is the tendency to think that what we currently know is all that matters, and what we don’t yet know has no meaningful impact to our lives. If we really believed that there is out there a book with knowledge capable of changing our lives to the better, I’m sure that the libraries and book stores would be more populated. Something special happens when you start reading more and more books: You get to internalize the ideas that (1) There is always something to learn about, and (2) That once in a while you learn something which changes the way you look at the world and solve problems. Sometimes it’s also the case that we don’t know what we don’t know, and when we become aware of problems we never looked as such, a new layer of reality is revealed to us. The more you read the more you know, and at the same time you become aware of how little you know.


Assuming that on each book you read you find a life changing piece of knowledge, and that most people read at most one book a year, you get an edge simply by reading a few books each month. Books are in other words: a cheap solution for our self-improvement needs.




As I said earlier, the set of habits which make people successful might change from field to field and from person to person. In the end of the day, the only way you can know what brings you closer to your big picture goal is real life testing. Always assume that even the most obvious tips for success, or set of habits of the successful might not apply/work for you. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, build your own set of productive habits by testing.



It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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