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What Is An Aged Domain Name?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the must learn subjects in online businesses. The main reason for that is that a well optimized website has greater potential to rank high in the search results and thus get much more traffic than it would probably get if it wasn’t optimized. A well optimized website is more appealing for the search engines. It makes them perceive the website as a good source of information for their visitors.

Another very important factor for the search engines’ algorithms to say if a website is a good source of content or not is by how long the website has been around. Just like the way we tend to give more credit to old over younger, is in almost the same way search engines give credit to older websites over the younger ones. The longer the person or the website has been around and active, the wiser its perceived to be and the wise are the best source of knowledge.

So, what is an aged domain name exactly?


One way the search engines can have an idea of how old is a particular website is by checking the age of the website’s domain name. It turns out that its possible to get domain names with some months or even years added to them, as opposed to brand new out of the box domain names. Those are aged domain names. A good source is and they are usually bought in online auctions. Godady has its own domain auctions part in the website. Some domain names also have some traffic, and websites that sell aged domain names can give you an estimate of how much traffic a specific domain name gets every month.

Aged domain names can give you some advantage when it comes to getting the trust of the search engines. In their eyes your website has been around for a while. They also come with disadvantages which among them are:


Because other people are usually the ones selling their aged domain names they are free to set any price. The prices can range from almost nothing to thousands of dollars.

2. Limited choice

Because its a good practice to make the domain name of the website easy to help us guess the niche in which the website is in, one can find a cheap domain name with many years and good traffic but if it doesn’t match your business, it would be pointless to buy it ex: “” when your website is about the latest news in computers. For that reason, the chances that you’ll get a perfect price, traffic, niche mix are low you will need to do some research.

3. It requires research

The third disadvantage of aged domain names is that before the purchase you also need to check the reputation of the domain name itself. A domain name could be sand boxed by Google, and if you buy one of those, the entire purpose of getting the trust of the search engines quicker will be defeated. A good tool for that is the google sandbox checker.
Avoid sand boxed domain names no matter how appealing they look.

To summarize, notice that the perfect aged domain is not all you need to build a successful website. The most important thing above all, is the creation of great content.

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What is The Principle Of Reciprocity?

On What Is Word Of Mouth Advertising? post we talk about one of the long-lasting while still impactful marketing techniques of today. The second one is based on the principle of reciprocity. Humans work in two different modes. One in which we consciously make decisions based on the best action to take in order to meet our goals. That’s the logical side. The other part of us is the emotional side. As opposed to popular belief, the emotional side can also help us make good decisions. The difference between the two is that while the decisions we make based on logic focus on looking at all possibilities carefully and choosing the best of them, the emotional side will focus on the most likely to be the best choice based on previous experiences, these are called hunches or gut feelings. The first mode is slow and the second fast.

The second mechanism of decision-making relies on biases to make the decision. Advertisers often try to tap into their costumers’ biases in order to make their products more appealing to them. One of those biases is the reciprocity bias.


What is the principle of reciprocity?

The principle of reciprocity is based on the reciprocity bias that states that once someone does us a favor, in any way we tend to feel the need to reciprocate the favor no matter how small it was. Cars salesmans do that regularly. They offer you a drink for free and you leave the store with a car key.

This principle is also applied in advertising campaigns for email marketing. A good way to make a person give you their email is by giving them a gift first. That gift could be something as small as a free e-book that they can you will send to them once you give out your email address or even the first class of the online course you’re promoting for free. What makes the reciprocity principle so powerful in marketing is that once someone is in the receiving end of a gift or a favor, there is no limit to how much they give back. As said before, its pretty common for a sales person to offer you a small gift and as a way to return the favor, you buy their product.

The effects of the reciprocity bias are subtle, meaning we tend to not notice that it has an impact on our decisions, and this is one of the reasons why its probably still effective today as it was in the past. Try it and see for yourself :).







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What Is Word Of Mouth Advertising?

There are many kinds of ways to advertise a product. Over the years many of them lost popularity, and the reason for that might have been that they were focused only on the generation they were introduced in. Some lost their power even though they persist till today, such as TV ads, new ones came to replace the ones that don’t work anymore, and there are the ones that time simply dint look like time seemed to cause any change on effectiveness. Among them are two that we are going to focus on, in this and the next post. Two of the ways of marketing a product that exist till today are: word of mouth advertising and the use of the reciprocity bias to induce or increase sales.

What is word of mouth advertising?


What Is Word Of Mouth Advertising?

Word of mouth advertising is a form of advertising in which as opposed to many marketing techniques, the advertiser is not the owner of the product or an affiliate, but the end costumer. No ads are placed. No SEO is made and no banners are placed anywhere. Simply put, the costumer buys the product, and because its so good at doing its, job he/she talks about it with his friends and family. As a result his friends and family buy the product recommended by their friend of family member, and before long they are the ones doing the word of mouth advertising of the product to other people.

Why has it been around for so long?

What makes this technique survive for so long is the fact that the recommendation of a friend or a family member to a product is taken more seriously than the recommendation of a salesman. In our heads, our friend or family member is only looking for our good, thus the product must be what they say it is. The salesman however, is seemed to be the kind of person who doesn’t care as much about our good, but only about making sales. So, this can in a way make word of mouth advertising more powerful than other marketing forms such as ppc, plus its also for free.

Nowadays advertisers try to encourage their costumers to talk about their purchase with their family and friends so they can win more of the product for free or any kind of bonus, but the best way to make people talk about your product is to make a great product in the first place.

Great products like great posts always get the attention they deserve no matter how long it takes for the masses to discover them, simply because nowadays masses are hungry for them.




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What Is A Referral Commission?

The internet gave to many an ocean of ways of making money online. With the ability to make money online came the possibility of living life by your own means. One way is by creating a product, create a website and drive traffic to that website in order to make sales. If everything is well setup, that alone can change your life in ways you can’t imagine. Leaving your day job can become possible, and believe me many people do leave their 9 to 5 jobs for an online business. The problem with developing your own product and promote it in a website is in … well, developing the product.

A website is easy to create these days, in a couple seconds you can have one up and running without any HTML, css nor JavaScript skills required. There are many tools that can help you with that, an example of one of them is the one below.

The difficult part is product development. If you’re new to online business, this might be one of those things you leave for later when you’re marketing skills are well-developed. A good way to practice is by promoting someone else’s product. All you have to do is to set up a website and promote the product.

What Is A Referral Commission?

There are many ways you can get paid for promoting a product, and two of them are that for each sale or each contact information you are able to get from the traffic. No matter the way the affiliate program is set up every person who takes the action(buys the product/ gives their contact information) is considered a referral.

So to summarize, if you’re promoting someone else’s product you’re probably in an affiliate program. Assuming you get paid a commission for each sale and 100 people from your traffic make a sale, you just got 100 referrals for the product you’re promoting.

Good referral programs

A good program to start is the wealthy affiliate program, which apart from making recurring payments also helps you on the process of starting your own online business from scratch.



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What Is Site Trust?

According to, by 2014 there were over 1 billion websites in the internet. It’s true that a good part of that number is inactive but it’s still possible to get an idea of how big the web is. The search engines have the task of finding good content and give it to us as quickly as possible. Although it might look like a simple problem to solve, neither Google nor Bing or any other search engine has it completely figured out. Their solutions represented in the form of algorithms for this problem are pretty good but still not perfect, that’s the reason why the often come with updates for their algorithms. That’s why sometimes websites that used to rank first in the search results lose that same ranking ability overnight, as it happened when Google released the updates: panda and penguin.

A good way to know if a post has good content or not is by taking a look at the website it’s coming from. In the same way that we tend to trust and pay attention to what people with good reputation say, is the same way a search engine will tend to trust what a website with good reputation content releases.

What is site trust?

Site trust just like normal trust, is the trust credit a search engine “gives” to a certain website. Think of a website like for example, when compared to a website that only went online yesterday anybody would choose to look at what released when the subject is business and economy instead of the new website. It has more credibility. The more Google trusts your website the greater the chance that you will get high rankings in the search results. It’s that simple.

What influences site trust?

Well, there are many things that can influence the amount of trust a search engine can have towards your website. Two of them is age and authority.

In simple words, young websites are usually trusted less than older websites. The greater the time the website has been around and active(posting useful content) the more Google trusts it as a good source of information. Websites that have the purpose of harming visitors usually don’t stay around for long.

The second one is authority. The more high quality back links your website has, the more influence in the niche Google will think it has, and Google trusts more highly influential websites over the rest.


So, to increase site trust the one thing is write good content, and be patient.


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How Many Words For A Blog Post?

To have an online business can be a very attractive idea. First you ask yourself if it’s even possible, because the media makes the idea of starting a business by yourself scary enough these days. If you used to be like many you probably thought that a business was for the others and not for you. But then something happened, maybe a video on YouTube, a blog post or even a friend opened your eyes to what’s really possible, and you got convinced that it was totally possible to start a business by yourself. More than just a business, an online business. The kind of business you can run from anywhere in the world with little to no cost.

Before you notice you give a chance to the thought of starting a website, because that’s what everybody tells you to do, but soon a question pops up. How long should my posts be?

The online business community tells you to learn about Search Engine Optimization in order to get good rankings in the search results, but while you learn more about the art of doing SEO, you have to do something to keep yourself going right? Yes. The simplest SEO idea you can apply today is the number of words for your post.

So how many words for a blog post should I write?

Well, the first thing to think about before even thinking about the number of words is the quality of content. If you write amazing and informative content people will eventually start linking to it, and the more back links you get the greater the chances that not only that particular post will rank high in the search results of google, but will also increase the chances that the other posts in the website will too. Your website will be getting more authority points.

How Many Words For A Blog Post?

How Many Words For A Blog Post?

The truth is that there is no exact number of words that will make the search engines love your post, but there is certainly something you can do. The first is that posts with fewer words will probably lose for posts with more words, assuming they both target the same keywords. A good number to start with is 300 words. I got this number from a famous word press SEO tool called yoast.

The greater the better

In principle the greater the number of words you write the better, as long as it’s all natural. More than 1000 words is great and 3000 words is amazing. Again what really matters is the quality of the content since the search engines don’t rely on only the number of words to know if the quality of the content of the post is high. One of the parameters with the greatest influence in the search engines’ judgment over your content is the number and quality of back links. The reason for this is that humans are way better at judging content than computers. In a way they take advantage of other website’s judgment over certain web posts to make theirs more accurate. So, if you write amazing content the search engines will pick up on it eventually and give it the traffic it deserves.

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Definition Of Social Marketing

The internet brought along with many other things the power to connect to anybody, anywhere at any time. Now we don’t have to look for the contact information of a professional if we want to buy a product or make sure its good or not. We go straight to google and from there we get the access to thousands and thousands of professionals one click away from us who are willing to help for free.

Now being social is more about being in the social networks since just like the professionals we need for advice, there we are also able to find thousands and thousands of people who are looking for new friends by signing up to a social network sucha s Facebook or twitter. And just like the search engines, the social media offers to marketer a chance to tap into millions and millions of potential prospects without having to spend any money. If well-used, social media can be an amazing way of vastly improving revenue.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of online marketing that focuses on obtaining and managing traffic from the popular social networks at the moment. The most used are : Facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus.

Some social networks like Facebook and twitter will allow you to set up campaigns, but the most important part of the strategy is in building a connection with your target audience(your fan base). The greater your fan base the greater the social proof you’ll get, which by itself will increase the chances that your fan base will grow even more.

A big fan base also means more free traffic, since social networks are free to use and as long as you’re clear about your target audience, that will also be a source of targeted and reliable traffic. If you don’t have a big advertising budget to setup a PPC campaign or SEO skills to quickly rank high in the search results, social media marketing might be a good strategy to get traffic to your business as long as you enjoy being in the social networks and have the patience to post interest content regularly.



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What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

Online marketing comes in many flavors. Just like a car brand or view on how the world should be, the many flavors varies vastly from person to person. It is all a matter of taste and style. Take traffic driving methods for example. Depending on the online marketer, SEO could be a better strategy if compared to PPC or PPM. To say that one way is better than the other is the same as saying that there is such a thing as one size fits for all. It’s the same as saying that its possible for everybody to have the exact same dream in life. Email marketing is just one more way of marketing a product in the pool online marketing strategies.


So, what is email marketing and how does it work?

In short, email marketing is an online marketing strategy in which the marketer makes the product offer to a list of email addresses. On PPC you would have to rely on ads to be able to get conversions, on SEO your focus would be on ranking high in the search results, on email marketing your focus is to while growing your email list, make and keep it responsive. An unresponsive list is a dead list. It’s just like a post that happens to rank in the first page and first position in the search results of goole for a keyword with no traffic.


An email marketing strategy is divided in 3 simple steps:

  1. List building
  2. Taking care of the list
  3. Making the offer

The list can be build in many different ways, one of them is by setting up PPC campaigns that focus on getting email addresses. The standard practice is to give to the potential prospect “a bribe” for his/her contact information (the email address in this case). The bribe could be the promisse for a piece of knowledge they can only get by opting in or something as simple as a free e-book.

The list is taken care of by regularly providing good and informative content through e-mails without making any offer. The goal here is to make the list more responsive, which means boosting the open rate of the emails. Just think of how many emails you leave unopened in your inbox.

The last one the is the one that makes you the money. It’s the end goal. There is no point in spending time and/or money to build a list and spend some more time creating good content for that same list if you’re are not making use of it. So make sure you make the offer in the end.




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What Is An Affiliate Marketing Program ?

The internet gave us many things. Along with the sea of free information on our fingertips also came a sea of opportunities to make money. Today more and more people start side online businesses, and depending on their goals some end up leaving their 9 to 5 jobs. One way to make money is by developing a business around a product and sell it online. There is no need to set up a physical store. This by itself drives down the cost of doing business.

A person who wants what you’re selling places an order and all you have to do is to ship it. Taking a step further, even the need to keep the product in stock can be completely eliminated. In this lighter version of the online business described above, the costumer makes the order and depending on the product and how you set up the business you could just get the product made on demand and ship it. With this little tweak the risk of the business goes down along with the initial investment money.
No warehouse fees are required because you don’t have to make mass production of anything before any orders.

Another less expensive version of the online business model described above is affiliate marketing. On affiliate marketing someone else is responsible for developing and shipping the product. All you have to do is to promote it.

What is an affiliate marketing program?

An affiliate marketing program is an online business program that allows people to earn a commission usually out of the sales of a product without having to develop it themselves. There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs on the internet. Some of them pay you only when you make a sale while others when someone does a subscription to a service. Some of them pay you only once, while others can pay you every month (recurring payment) after the sale or after you get the subscription. If you’re planning to build a business around a product while being an affiliate the best choice is a product that will at the same time give you recur income, has a good reputation in its niche and the niche seems to have long term prospects.

See: The power of affiliate marketing.

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What Is The sandbox?

There are many ways to get traffic to a web post. Some of them are free like the one you get from the search results of the search engines and some of them are paid like PPC or PPM. The advantage of the free traffic is, well, that its free. The best source of free traffic are search engines.

Good content and SEO

You write good content today, and depending on the position you get in the search results you get more or less traffic. Because of that there are people on the web who build their entire online businesses, or at least most of it,on the basis of the traffic obtained from the search results. The downside of that type of traffic is that its not easy to get. The competition in the various niches keeps growing as the number of blogs increases every year. So, good content must also be wrapped up in good practices SEO to be able to rank in the first page of the target keyword.

What is the sandbox

What is the sandbox

The problem with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that it can be difficult to master. For that reason many bloggers chose to go for dark techniques, what is named black hat SEO.

For a while, practices such as link farming and keyword stuffing where a quick way to get a post with worthless content to rank in front of more quality posts. For a search engine to earn the respect of its users it must be able to give good suggestions for what the users are searching for. Black hat SEO techniques were/do making/make this impossible. Google became aware of that and instead of standing passively and watch their reputation go to the garbage, it came up with two famous updates to their algorithms, panda and penguin. These two algorithms targeted and punished the websites that used those and many other dark SEO techniques to get good rankings. One form of punishment is what’s called as the sandbox.

So, what is the sandbox?

The sandbox is like a box to where Google sends websites that either broke one of their rules or happen to be brand new. Anybody who’s sent there in short loses the chance to get good rankings in the search results. In extreme cases, they can even completely lose the chance to get any rankings in the search results.
The sandbox is a form of punishment.

How can I avoid it?

To prevent any sand boxing from the part of Google the only solution is to avoid any attempt to exploit Google’s flaws. Write truly amazing content and learn some SEO and good positions in your search results will not be as difficult.
Dark techniques sooner or later lose their power.


It is all about knowledge and experience πŸ˜‰

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