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How To Make Money Online easy

Depending on your goals and your budget there is an array of possible business opportunities. The same applies to making money online. Below are a couple ways on how to make money online easy.

Bear in mind that no matter what you do in life, there is always a trade off. As Napoleon Hill said: “There is no such thing as something for nothing”. In this case the trade off is your potential returns. In other words: simple and easy ways of making money almost always have lower potential of returns.


1. Create a website and allow other businesses to place their ads in exchange for a set fee


This method is a super simple way of generating income without a lot of effort. The reason for this is that both parts of the entire system are automated(i.e. the creation of the website and the placement of ads). One example of a tool that can help you build a website is the one below:


If you can write reasonably well then the way to go is to start by writing some posts on the niche you and the ads are focusing on. Then with time your posts will get ranked, and depending on how often you write and the quality of your content, search engines like google and Bing will send traffic to your page through the search results. If the people that get to your page from the search results click on any of your ads you make money!

The problem with this method is that the fee per click is usually not high which can make it even harder to collect a six figures income only through ads, since for that you would need massive amounts of traffic, and to get massive amounts of traffic much more than writing a couple posts is required. If you want to make a quick buck however, you should give it a try :).

2. Promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate


Another way of making some quick money is by promoting clickbank products as an affiliate. If you have $20 + to invest, you could do this only with a google ads or Bing ads account and your affiliate link. The idea is to place pay-per-click ads in one of those two search engines and set the landing page link as your affiliate page link. So when the people who want what you’re promoting click your ads and make a purchase you make money!

The problem with this method is that 1 you have to not only find a good product, but also make sure their page is convincing enough for the people who will potentially click on your ads. The second problem is that the affiliate program could be taken down in any moment, making it a less reliable source of income for life plus you only get a fraction of the sale.


Both methods could work perfectly for beginners in online marketing or people who just want to make a quick buck. They are easy, but the ease dramatically your potential returns. A better way would be to create a solid online business around a product of your own and promote it through a carefully crafted website. So when you make a sale you get all the money for yourself and since you are the one developing the product you can make sure it’s good.

It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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Best Make Money online Programs

Since the creation of the world wide web millions and millions of websites where created and made public. No longer than a decade after, companies started to notice the power of the internet to boost sales and¬†the rest is history. Now, millions of individuals build their online empires from nothing without the need to put much capital upfront. These are common people who¬†somehow where able to bring their dreams to life. Taking¬†vacations whenever they want without having to report to noone but themselves.¬†The question is: how do they get there? It’s true that there are thousands of “Make money online¬† programs” that promise to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, but most of them are nothing more than a scam.¬†Below are 2 of the best make money online programs you can get into these days.


1.Wealthy Affiliate


The reason why this program is widely stated as one of the best make money online programs is for it’s university like style. WA has a large array of classes and courses on topics that vary from something as specific as how to create a website to something like how to set up a marketing¬†campaign. Apart from that it also possesses a live chat area where you can make questions and in less than 5 min get an answer. One of the peculiar things of Wealthy Affiliate is that it does not promise to make you rich overnight. Just like real universities there is a great emphasis to work and dedication. The path to success will be pointed to you, but hard work is still required.¬† As Napoleon Hill said: “There is no such thing as something for nothing”. An extra feature that might make it even more appealing is the fact that they also a website building tool that helps you create a website in less then a minute like the one below.



2.ClickBank University


ClickBank university is somewhat similar to wealthy affiliate but with a few differences. Clickbank university focuses more on clickbank as a platform while WA is more general. Meaning the It’s good for the ones who want to master the¬†clickbank platform, but not as good for the ones who want a more broad body of knowledge.

Both cost about $47/month and are suitable for people with zero knowledge about online businesses as well as to people who have tried it before but without success.

It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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The Importance Of Trust For An Online Business

As¬†humans are social animals. There is not much we can do about it. According to scientists, one of the main reasons why our brains got bigger over the millennia, was to be able to deal well¬†in social situations. Social situations quickly boils down to relationships, since, again, as humans we can’t help but make strangers a part of our bigger family. In the core of every good relationship lies trust. This small and often undervalued element is so important that without it there would be no such thing as a civilization.¬†¬†In business too trust plays it’s role, since the trust of the client/prospect quickly turns into loyalty. And loyalty can¬†easily¬† be translated into¬†¬†income. So every business should save some space for the study of¬†trust.¬†Below are the¬† two ways trust can affect a business and in a more specific way an online business:

1.Trust Of The Prospects


This is by far the most important of all. Without the trust of it’s prospects/clients a business loses the chance of building an important and intangible competitive asset. A good reputation. Without a good reputation, goes the ability to attract new customers, and without the ability to attract new customers goes the ability to grow the business in the first place. The point is that while tricking or even scamming customers can boost sales and make a good profit in the short term, in the long term it proves too expensive after all. Treating the relationship with your costumers with the same care you treat your love relationships goes a long way when it comes to building loyalty or even a fan base of clients.

2.Trust Of Search Engines


This one might not apply to all business operating¬†today, since only the ones who have websites are the ones who think about it. For the ones who don’t know, one of the best ways of getting new visitors to a website is through the giant portals of the search engines. The writer writes a post and the search engines present it to the potential visitors who look for that kind of content. So in a massive way, search engines can duplicate or even triplicate the profits of a business simply by making it visible to more people Via the search results. Because of that search engines can easily punish websites if they suspect that they are trying to trick the search results even if they are not, businesses that get massive profits through the sale of products online can easily find themselves on the mercy of the search engines’ algorithms.

More search engine trust= more probability of showing up in the highest positions in the search results= more people going to the website=more chances of making a sale.

So in general, the trust of your loved ones, costumers or even the search engines’ works under the same basic rules:

1.Always bet on win-win solutions/actions.

2.Always try go above expectations.

With your loved ones it could all be about setting up surprises once in a while. With your customers these two rules could be about building an amazing product instead of thinking only of your returns. For the search engines  it is all about writing amazing content to your audience. It all depends on the situation but the rules are the same.

It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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How long does it take to make money online?

One good question many have, and I personally had once was: how long does it take to start¬† making money online? Assuming that you already know how powerful online marketing can be, and you’re considering it, the question above becomes a no brainer to make. So how long does it take?

Well, it depends. Different niches are like different businesses, with different overhead and demands. Some businesses like companies that produce planes require lots of¬† capital to start, and unless you already have large pockets, you’re probably not likely to be able to finance it on your own. Online businesses on the other hand, can be implemented with little to no money and in less than 24h. To say that there is a specific universal¬†time¬†in which you¬†¬†start making money¬†for all¬†online businesses would be inaccurate.

So the answer is that ¬†it depends on at least¬†2 things:¬†the niche and search engine’s trust over your website.

The niche


Your niche will be your market. More competitive markets can take a lot of your time before they make you any money.

According to the website, for niches like “Make money online” it could take about 2 years for a new website to start generating consistent income. Less competitive¬†¬†markets/niches on the other hand,¬†could take you¬†as low as¬†2-3 months.

The keyword is competition. More competitive niches have more people fighting for the same piece of the pie, just like more competitive keywords have more websites fighting for the same portion of the traffic sent by search engines.

Search Engine Trust


Another factor that determines how long it takes for a website to start making money is search engine trust. Over the years search engines developed sophisticated algorithms that allow them to sort the most useful websites for a specific keyword, and in the same time frame many bloggers found new ways to “trick” the search engines’ algorithms to rank their websites higher in the search results. To get over this, the search engines came up with even more sophisticated algorithms to punish the¬†ones trying to “trick” the search results. So, the more the search engines trust your website, the more traffic it will get, and the more traffic it gets, the greater the potential to make money either through the posting of ads or just any offer.


It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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Online Business Tools

Every field of life has it’s own set of “must have” tools crucial for success. Online marketing follows the rule. Below are 2 tools that everybody , no matter how experienced in building online businesses will always need in order to be successful.

1.Website Builder

Let’s face it. Not all of us have the skills or passion for programming required to write a website from scratch. The good news are that these days, technology is so advanced that even the ones who don’t know how to write code in¬†HTML, CSS or Javascript can still create brand new websites in a matter of seconds. A good example is the tool below:

All that is required is a name and a click. That’s it! There are many other tools available, that come in many flavors. The point is that to create a website can be the easiest thing in the world as long as you have the right tools.

With the right tools, a complete newbie in online marketing can create websites that would probably take a couple months for an HTML developer to be able to develop.

2.Keyword Research Tool

Another essential tool is a keyword research tool. The reason why this tool is so important lies in the fact that often for a simple keyword like “How to make money online” there¬† are thousands and thousands of websites fighting for a spot in the first page of google’s search results. A good way to get over this problem is not by trying to write more words or better content. They could work, but chances are that you might¬†also need a bit of luck if you are to achieve your goal¬†with this method. A simple solution would be to try to target less competitive keywords¬†¬†some decent amount of¬†traffic. Less popular keywords might not¬†bring as much traffic, but¬†they give¬†you the chance to rank higher with less effort.¬†You can do this by using keyword research tools.

Keyword Research tools just like website builders come in many flavours, but the most basic ones give two important pieces of data: how competitive the keyword is and how much traffic does it get every month on average. An example of a  good keyword research tool is the one below:


The best way to grow is to know what works for others and based on that create your own strategies. The tools above are widely used and you also should, but don’t rely on them alone to boost your business. Create the habit of looking for and testing less popular tools. Before you notice you will have a costumized strategy that works in hands.

It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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The Power Of Affiliate Marketing

Online marketing is by itself a very powerful way of generating income for oneself. For newbies however, it can be overwhelming. The reason for this is that it online marketing is more like a tree with many branches where those branches have more branches. As the book the¬†art of war by sun tzu teaches us: the best way to conquer a country is by conquering the cities one by one instead of thinking about conquering the entire country all¬† at once. The same goes for online marketing where the only difference is that to be successful you don’t have to conquer every city. One branch of that gigantic tree is enough for you to be successful. A good one to start with if you have no experience is affiliate marketing.

The power of affiliate marketing

For the ones who don’t know, affiliate marking in a nutshell is a type of marketing where instead of promoting it’s own products he/she promotes someone else’s and gets a commission off every sale/referral.

The reason why affiliate marketing¬†is so powerful is that it drives the cost of starting an online business to even lower levels than what ¬†it already is. The reason why this happens is that by promoting someone else’s business there is no need to spend time or money developing a product. That time is spent looking for an¬†amazing product with not much competition¬†to promote instead. And a part of that money is spent buying a sample of the product that the marketer wants to promote to make sure it actually is good. The last one is not required, but buying the product and using it, is a good way of testing it’s quality and gives more material to talk about when the time comes to do the promotion.

No need to create a new product also reduces the need for special skills related to product development. Which means even less time and money is needed to invest in education.


Where to start

There are a few places to start. But two of them stand out. They are: Clickbank and WealthyAffiliate.



Click Bank is a platform that connects the affiliates(the marketers who promote other people’s products in exchange of a commission) with the people who want to have their products promoted by affiliates. The strongest point of this platform can also be it’s weakest, since it’s strong point is that it offers to the affiliate a vast amount of products to choose from. The down side is that¬† not all offers¬†are good,¬† and it might be¬†required some product research to get a good return. That mix of good and bad products can make the learning process of the newbies take even longer, since if you’re not successful in a¬†PPC(pay per click)¬†campaign for example, it becomes more difficult to know if the failure is due to the fact that the product is bad or plain old lack of experience of the affiliate.

2.Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a platform that focuses more on teaching the newbie how to create an online business as opposed to giving¬†him/her a list of products to choose from.¬†It¬†has a collection of courses on marketing,¬†SEO and PPC as well as weekly webinars all focused on making you better at online businesses.¬†It also eliminates the need for product research(it least in the learning phase) since it also has it’s own affiliate program, plus a community of people who have their online businesses going on.


One more time, affiliate marketing is a good starting point because the low cost. But still nothing prevents you from building a business around  it.


It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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Online Marketing

The online marketing world can in a way be compared to the beginning of the industrial Era. New businesses and technologies growing faster than ever before, the lives of people changing in never seen rhythms as well as opportunities and something as subtle as the mentality of the public itself shifting to new ways. The difference between these two is that while the beginning of the industrial era was marked by something visible as new factories being built and new products being produced, the online marketing world is less visible. Although millions of people totally benefit from it and see their lives changing before their eyes, many, many more never heard of it and¬† probably never will. If you’re one of¬†those who never heard of the power of online marketing, or at least have a shallow idea of what it is, this post will serve as a small guide to put some light to this endless¬†sea of possibilities that is online marketing. If you’re already aware¬†of¬† the potential however, this post will be more of a way of reflecting about what’s possible.

The opportunity to build a business with small to no overhead


We all know of the old idea that it takes money to make money, which happens to be true to some extent. If we plan to start a business in the old ways or start investing in the stock market, money will certainly be¬† a requirement. This is probably one of the main reasons why people tend to prefer to stick with their 9 to 5 jobs instead. Building a business is already a matter of dedication, creativity and¬†constant problem solving, and to make it even more difficult there is also uncertainty. No one ever knows for sure if that new business¬†on the corner will close its doors in the year to come, or if¬†it will grow to such proportions that will allow it to go public and make their founders riches beyond their wildest dreams. Because of that, putting one’s money into something uncertain such as a startup¬†can in many ways resemble some sort of mix between gamble and faith. The online marketing world eliminates at least a part of the risk that comes with starting a business by eliminating at least most of the cost of the traditional business.


Today one can start a website for free and through the creation of good content over time, make money from it. Depending on how one prefers to look at it, it is almost the same as making money without putting any money. This new way of doing business breaks the old idea that it takes money to make money. In a platform like wordpress a brand new website can be launched in a matter of minutes, and with the help of the sophisticated tools of search engines like google and bing, visitors can be attracted to that same website in a matter of hours with just a couple of ads. The only requirement is knowing what you are doing.




Along with the low cost and the opportunity to start a business comes also freedom. The majority of businesses usually require some presence in it’s starting phase. The founders work hard day and night to see their dream come true, and only after a couple of years they gain the right to take their hands off¬†the business¬†and reap the rewards, while someone else is running the show. An online business however can be managed by one person¬†while at the same time¬†being successful and giving to it’s owner the freedom to go on vacation whenever he wants to. Instead of waiting¬†for years to be able to do that,¬†¬†an online business can be successfully managed from a laptop in any part of the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

No University Degree required


One of the problems of the traditional business and even the normal 9-5 job, is that to be successful at any of them, some sort of special training is required. To build an online business too, but it takes way less time and money to master. You pretty much learn quicker, pay less and in most of the cases make more money. This is all ignoring the fact that almost no debt is required .Not to get educated nor to actually start the business.

This was just a glimpse of the potential of online marketing. There is much, much more to learn. A good source of more  valuable information and training is:

It is all about knowledge and experience ūüėČ

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2 Ways To Make Money Online

The internet like many other things can have many uses. From a simple an non expensive way of spenidng time, to do ressearch on topics of interest, if there is one application that has been changing the lives of millions although unkown and undervalued is as a way of building an online business at almost no costs. Below are two of the most popular and somehow profitable ways of making money online:

1.Selling your products


If you’re the kind of person who is inclined to a certain area that envolves the creation of products to sell this might be the best way of making some profit online. A product could be anything. From tangible things like a pen or¬† a pair of fashion shoes¬† as well as¬†intangible thisngs¬†¬†as a services such as design or plain old knowledge.

For this strategy entire platforms exist such as, which allows you to publish your products to a broad variety of people worldwide and Udemy if you know enough about a field that people would be willing to pay to know what you know.

2.Being an affiliate


For the ones who are not interested in the first way of making money on the web there is another and less demanding one. Being an affiliate. Instead of focusing on the creation of products that the public would be willing to pay for, the affiliate focuses its energy on bringing new clients for already existing businessess and earns a commisssion for each sale. One of the greatest advantages of being an affiliate is that the right techniques are applied, the affiliate could reap millions of dollars in commissions simply because these days one can bring  millions of people to a website in less than a day throught ppc(Pay Per Click) advertisement or SEO(Search Engine Optimization) techniques

The internet offers a world of money making methods that can help you become financially independend, but all are eventually boiled down to the ones above. This post was just a fraction of all there is to know about how to make money online. More in depth sources of informations include, and the plain old Google :).

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